Take control of your network animation!

  • Effectively manage your network, and no longer waste time constantly exchanging emails and lost files.
  • Kolivi allows you to immediately distribute to your members and consolidate their feedback.
  • From its secure web platform, you run your network easily and completely independently.

The benefits of the solution


Your space is operational and ready to use in 5 minutes. You are efficient and productive immediately. Simpler than a word processor.


You create and modify as many pages as you want. No more wasting time and money with sub-contractors.


Access rights management : everyone sees only what they are entitled to see. Traceability of contributions and preservation of history.

Your challenges

To animate your network you must :

  • Distribute the right up-to-date information to all members,
  • Be accessible when mobile and on the web,
  • Notify the whole group of news and updates,
  • Consolidate everyone's contributions and feedback.

For this you need a simple and efficient tool.

Free yourself from constraints


They are easily lost. distribution lists are never up to date. You never know if you have the latest version.

The extranet made by an agency

It is expensive and takes a long time to set up. You have to pay and wait for each modification.

File sharing

We quickly get lost in a list of files. We are never sure to have the latest version. Research is not simple and effective.

Kolivi Franchise
a unique solution!

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A simple extranet and always up to date :

  • Create and modify any page directly, independently,
  • Editing a page is easier than with your favorite text editor,
  • Once saved, each page is immediately visible to all authorized persons.

Is it a dream? No, it's Kolivi, available now. Do you know how to use a text editor? You are operational on Kolivi.

See Kolivi in action

Create content.

Create a page with an image.

Restore a page.

Features to enable simplicity

  • Immediate page creation,
  • Editing pages easier than with a text editor.
  • Include images by simple drag and drop,
  • Insert a hyperlink,
  • Create a diagram, a mindmap, etc…
  • Automatic notification of users when a page is updated,
  • Respect for access rights: everyone sees only what they are entitled to see.
  • Apply your graphical charts,
  • Create your page templates,
  • Easily create your forms, collect and manage your data.
  • Thanks to the search tool: you navigate by links, labels or history,
  • With the Palette tool: you see who wrote what on the page.
  • Interface your applications and display your indicators,
  • Add additional custom modules.

Thanks to Kolivi forms

you can independently and easily collect all the information you need from your franchisees.

  • Do a satisfaction survey,
  • Consolidate feedback from your network,
  • Audit a practice.