Discover kolivi!

Collaborative content management system


Based on human interaction and cooperation
No need for complicated settings that lock people into roles.


The structure evolves according to the content
No need to build file based systems that quickly prove unsuitable.

Unlock the collaborative potential and the collective
intelligence of your employees


Back to basics

Reduce the number of files, versions and focus on information. A real contribution of value, knowledge management is a real treasure for your company.


Be agile

You adapt the structure according to the evolution of your content, the needs of your business, your processes and your business projects. Kolivi offers mobility and flexibility that make possible its permanent transformation in different contexts: mobility, teleworking, multi-company, international,…



Develop your management towards participation. Highlight your employees thanks to recognition through the autonomous contribution of content. Transform your partnership relationships internally or externally.

Contribution drives success in innovative organizations.

Intangible assets are a source of value creation and competitive advantage.

Capitalizing on people by opening up to contributions without losing control, allows us to go further.

Managing information on a day-to-day basis makes it possible to quickly adapt to internal and external developments.


Reporting, mindmaps, diagrams, forms, and more


Sharing and dissemination of information. Video, audio, online chat


Content is built by coelaboration.


Your graphical style, your interactive media, the link with your apps

Kolivi: a simple and effective solution
…made in FRANCE

An effective solution

Your space is operational and ready for use in 5 minutes. You are efficient and productive immediately.

A source of innovation

Technology is hidden away in favor of content and collective success. Based on wiki principles, collective intelligence is boosted.

A secure environment

Kolivi offers technical and functional security. From a functional point of view, in accordance with wiki principles, the history of each contribution is preserved, nothing is deleted. Https encryption, integrated authentication, SAML or OAuth 2 (Office 365, others) and regular updating of patches guarantee a high level of security.

Get onboard quickly for instant benefit

Kolivi changes your approach to collaborative work !

A partnership of trust

  • Our team is at your disposal and adapts to your business and organizational constraints,
  • Our support is personalized,
  • Our partnership adapts to your business plan,
  • French solution, international support.